OG Elite Rifle Rated Shield


OG Elite rifle rated shield with custom cut outs allowing more options in critical situations.

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No modern Tactical Team should be using a NIJ Level 3A Ballistic Shield for their primary Ballistic Shield Protection. Recent events have changed long standing protocols, when NIJ Level 3a shields were the “Go to” the latest train of thought considers the use of a 3a shield in a rifle threat active shooter scenario to be more of a danger to the team than an asset.  The Overwatch Group Elite Shield offers level III rifle protection at the light weight of 37lbs.  The advantage of the Elite Shield’s ballistic cut outs allows the shield bearer to easily access and locate the sights of their sidearm.  The cut outs further allow for more ballistic coverage when employing lethal long gun cover from the right and left side of the shield bearer.  Don`t rely on surrounding agencies to support your team with essential NIJ Level 3 Gear when you need it most.  The OG Elite Shield is the easy and affordable choice.

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Dimensions 36 × 20 × 1.2 in


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