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Can I own body armor?
We sell to responsible law-abiding Civilians, Law Enforcement Officers, and Military Personnel who are residents of the United States. Overwatch Group does not sell outside of the United States. Our body armor is available to residents in all States with the exception of Connecticut. Connecticut residents must be active Law Enforcement or Military and provide necessary credentials. Please read our Terms of Use for further details.

Do you offer discounts to first responders?
To receive a discount we simply ask that you email our support team with your credentials to verify your current status as a first responder.

How do I wash and care for my plate carrier?
Here are our suggestions:

  • First, remove your MOLLE pouches and hardware from the carrier. Pouches can be cleaned separately in the same fashion as outlined below..
  • Make sure you brush off loose dirt and plant material. Using a dulled tool, scrape off any dried or caked mud. Be careful with this step, don’t use a sharp tool that could cut and weaken the fabric.
  • Then, use a soft cloth to remove any remaining loose dust or dirt.
  • In a bathtub or large basin, wash your carrier or gear in warm, never hot, soapy water using a mild liquid dish soap or a small amount of liquid laundry detergent. If you use laundry detergent ensure it does not have any color brighteners in it as these could lead to premature wear of your carrier or gear. Immerse the carrier completely and let it soak for a few minutes. Then, gently work the fabric back and forth to help loosen dirt trapped in the fabric. Use a toothbrush for stubborn stains. Avoid stiff brushes, abrasives, bleach or solvents, which can cause discoloration and damage to the carrier.
  • Give the gear a good rinse in clean water. You will want to make sure to completely get all of the soap out.
  • Reshape the carrier and set it out to dry. Always air dry away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight or using a tumble dryer could cause premature wear or shrinkage of your plate carrier.

Are your plates ambidextrous?
Yes! Our plates are equally cut on both sides of the shoulder. This enables the operator (left-handed or right-handed) to comfortably shoulder their weapon and defend against threats.

Is there a shelf life for your Level III and IV plates?
Yes, per NIJ standards there is a  5 year shelf life on our Level IV plates, and our Level III PE Plates.

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